Celebrating Knowledge and Unity: Quran Program Sponsored by Sunnah Currency


We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of the South African Islamic Centre, Dubai - Ramadhan Quran Reading Program proudly sponsored by Sunnah Currency (the same event we did last year and sponsored).

The presence of respected scholars such as:

  1. Principal Sheikh Maulana Imraan Moosa (db) - South Africa
  2. Sheikh ul Hadith Maulana Bilal Bawa (db) - UK
  3. Sheikh Maulana Asif Hanif (db) - UK
  4. Mufti Muhammad Rawat (db) - South Africa
  5. Mufti Maulana Zakariya Khandwala (db) - Kenya

Let's dive into the highlights of the and the inspiring talks delivered by esteemed speakers.

Fostering Unity

SAIC Quran Reading Program and Prizes: As part of our commitment to supporting educational initiatives and community engagement, Sunnah Currency joined hands for the SAIC Quran Reading Program during Ramadhan.

This joint effort involved daily Zoom calls during the holy month of Ramadan, where families actively participated in quizzes, strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of unity, the quizzes were remote whereby participants joined via mobile apps and had to answer quiz questions based on the daily talks. Sheikh Khaleel Mughal, CTO of Sunnah Currency was also a special guest who did a talk on the Dinar and Dirham.

We are delighted to recognize the winners and runners-up of the quizzes, who showcased their dedication to learning and devotion to Islam. Our grand overall monthly winner, Omamah Hashimi, was awarded a prestigious Gold Coin certified by the Islamic Monetary Council, along with an Islamic 1 dinar coin from Sunnah Currency. We congratulate Omamah Hashimi and commend the exceptional performances of other winners, including Muhammad Raees Khan, Fatima Zahra Patel, Aisha Patelia, Fatima Sleemy, Aisha Sleemy, Mahdiya Ali, Ahmed Mohammed, and Ismail Ahmed.

Sheikh Humayan Sleemy & Sheikh Tareque Choudhury

The prizes were presented by Sheikh Humayan Naveed Sleemy, a passionate supporter and a renowned entrepreneur, multiple business owner and expert from Dubai. We extend our gratitude to Tareque Choudhury, Vice President of Technology & Head of Cyber Security at Dubai Airports, for graciously contributing to the prize-giving ceremony.

Thought-Provoking Talks and Presentations

A small Mishkaat Jalsa at the end enriched us with enlightening talks delivered by esteemed speakers (including the students), leaving a lasting impact on all attendees. Here's a glimpse of the captivating presentations that adorned the event:

  1. Tilawa: Zarar Ismail, the Vice President MENA of Cisco Systems, graced the stage with a soul-stirring recitation from the Holy Quran, setting a serene and spiritually uplifting ambiance for the Jalsa.

  2. Rights of Islam: Imran Motara, Technical Director of WSP, delivered an insightful speech emphasizing the importance of upholding the rights of Islam in our daily lives, promoting harmony and justice within society.

  3. Nasheed: Ahmed Mohammed (Project Engineer (Mechanical)Worley Engineering), mesmerized the audience with his melodious voice, filling the air with beautiful and heartfelt Islamic songs that touched the souls of all present.

  4. Journey of the Soul: Rafik Patel, an accomplished entrepreneur renowned for his ventures such as Bugee Smoothies and Dubai Property Investment, shared profound insights into the journey of the soul. His thought-provoking words urged attendees to reflect upon their purpose in life and embark on a path of self-discovery. Rafiq is also a student of Sheikh Maulana Asif and comes from a lineage of scholars.

  5. Virtues of Ilm: Salman Sajid, VP in Dubai, Chartered Accountant, Singapore, captivated the audience with an enlightening discourse on the virtues of knowledge (ilm) and its transformative power in shaping individuals and communities. His words emphasized the pivotal role of education in promoting progress and enlightenment.

  6. Sifat al Sahabah: Muhammad Bhayat, a respected legal council Head in the UAE, shed light on the exemplary qualities and character of the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). His presentation provided valuable lessons derived from their lives, inspiring attendees to embody these qualities in their own journeys.

  7. Year Review: Mohammed Paracha, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright LLP in Bloomburg, offered a comprehensive review of the past year, highlighting significant achievements and milestones within the Islamic community. His insightful overview served as a reminder of the progress made and the challenges overcome.

  8. Reflection: Mufti Muhammad Rawat delivered a soul-stirring reflection, guiding attendees to introspect on the spiritual essence of the event and encouraging them to carry its profound teachings in their hearts as they navigate their own spiritual paths.

  9. Hadith Reading & Translation: Mehmet Temurkaynak, Mudarris at Darul ulom Kayseri (from Turkey), Rimas Muhammad Civil Engineer, Muhammad Salahuddin from Australia, IT Contractor, and Dr Hasan Sanooj - Ophthalmologist; enriched the Jalsa by reciting and translating meaningful Hadiths, infusing the event with the wisdom and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him ﷺ.

  10. Final Words & Dua: The esteemed SHAYKH AL HADITH Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Bilal Bawa Sahib DB (Bury Duroloom) graced the concluding moments of the Jalsa with heartfelt prayers and inspiring words. His words resonated deeply, leaving attendees with a sense of spiritual rejuvenation and a renewed commitment to their faith.


Sunnah Currency takes immense pride in sponsoring and witnessing the resounding success of the Quran Program in Dubai. This event not only celebrated knowledge and unity but also showcased the dedication and perseverance of students pursuing their journey towards becoming Alimyah scholars. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Maulana Bilal from Bury, Daruloom, Sheikh Maulana Imraan Moosa for allowing us to be a humble follower and participant, and all the esteemed speakers who shared their wisdom and inspired us with their insightful talks. Sunnah Currency remains committed to supporting educational initiatives, fostering unity, and promoting the values of Islam. We look forward to future endeavors that contribute to the growth and enlightenment of the Islamic community.

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