Darul Atfaal London gift Gold Dinar Coins to their staff

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Sunnah Currency was humbled and honoured to have done a partnership with Darul Aftaal London, UK this weekend. The school gifted Iqra Limited Edition 1 Dinar Coins to their Staff!

When Maulana Abdul Wahhab reached out to us - we knew we wanted to help. We delivered the order within a few days and both the Madrasah and SC were delighted with the results! Teachers receiving the gifts also got Certificates of Authenticity from the IMC Islamic Monetary Council for the Gold Dinars:

Maulana’s journey of the sacred sciences began at Jamiat al-Ilm wa l-Huda in Blackburn, where he became Hafidh of the Qur’an at the age of 15. Maulana then finished his ‘Alimiyyah degree at the internationally recognised Madrasah Arabia Islamiyyah, Azaadville (South Africa). Since graduating, Maulana has served as an Imam, engaged in community work and is currently serving in various services. Maulana’s teaching philosophy aims to empower every learner to become a leader, to change themselves and others.

Darul Atfaal began with 40 students and 6 members of staff, Namely Maulana Abdul Wahhab and his wife Apa Sabiha bint Sulayman (RA), Maulana Zeeshan Qayyum, Maulana Ashraf Madari, Apa Sabirah bint Ayyub (ra), Apa Sajeda bint Yunus and Apa Saleha bint Mustaq (may Almighty Allah preserve them all… Aameen). Alhamdulillah, through the sheer grace of Almighty Allah, in a short space of time they have grown from strength to strength and they currently have over 350 students..

Darul Atfaal runs every Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 12.30pm. In the year 2020, Darul Atfaal started to operate on the Weekdays also, catering for boys and girls hifdh ul Qur'an. Children are nurtured according to Islamic Principals and are taught core subjects such as Qaa’idah/Qur’aan, Conversational Arabic, Islamic Studies (Seerah, Aqaaid, Islamic jurisprudence, Inspirational stories etc) and Duas (prophetic supplications) & Sunnahs (prophetic ways).

Alhamdulillah the staff are well educated and experienced individuals. The team consists of both male and female teachers, who are all graduates of well renowned, national and international institutes. The staff of Darul Atfaal form a very effective team, which they believe is the core and backbone of the Madrasah.

Darul Atfaal has female teachers for the girls and male teachers for the boys. Staff are thoroughly scrutinised before being considered for Darul Atfaal, ensuring that they have the capability not only to teach and guide the younger generation in the best possible manner, but also to become role models for them. Darul Atfaal hope that children will leave Darul Atfaal with an exemplary mark of piety and goodness embedded in their tender hearts for the rest of their lives.

Amongst some of the teachers:

Maulana Abdul Wahhab
Maulana Bilal Khan
Dr Maulana Muhammad Jabir Patel
Maulana Imran Thawa
Maulana Ikramul Hoque
Mua’llimah Sabiha bint Sulayman (RA)
Mua’llimah Fatema bint Asif
Mua’llimah Fatima Talati
Mua’llimah Tasnim bint Yunus
Mua’llimah Zainab Gani
Mua’llimah Romana Jasmine

On a final note, Darul Atfaal now aspires to go a step further in its service, Moulana Abdul Wahhab and his team are now on a mission to serve the most vulnerable within the community. People with special learning needs and disabilities will Insha'Allah get appropriate access to Islam. For that we pray for them all success and ask Allah to assist them I fulfilling all their needs. Aameen...