Roadmap Updates

!السلام عليكم

Major updates.

All your Bullion Bars, Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham coins from Sunnah Currency are now physically inspected by the Muslim Assayers Council - MAC and then Certified by the IMC - Islamic Monetary Council.

Every coin comes with a unique Tayyib QR Code Hologram secured by the IMC Database to certify the authenticity - with a digital PDF. No other Mint Company in the world has applied the same technology that the IMC uses for security and assurance of purity.

This is a major milestone for Sunnah Currency and further enhances your previous and future investments with us!

Jazakumullahu Khairan! First & foremost we want to say a big thank you for supporting us with your continued business. We don't take it for granted and are humbled that you have chosen to support the SC initiative in reviving the beautiful Sunnah of the Dinar & Dirham within the Ummah.

Duff Roll Please 🥁

Because of your support, we have made incredible progress this past year... Such as...

1 - Brand new industry standard blisters packs, perfect for investment purposes and lifelong gifts...

2 - Becoming members of the IMC - Islamic Monetary Council - all SC coins and bullion bars come with a Certificate of Authenticity which is powered by IMC Database - The Tayyib Certified Scanner™ - The Muslim Assayers Council - MAC are independent assayers who physically certify all SC Gold and Silver products.




3 - Launching a brand-new 10g gold bullion bar offering...



4 - Introduced new coins & Limited Edition coins from our road map...




5 - Loyalty Program - Hasanat Points!

All Gold and Silver purchases now earn you Hasanat points. You can earn Hasanat points for various rewards and actions and get Hasanat points which you can spend back on your Gold and Silver. There are many other benefits to the Loyalty Program soon to incluce Direct Debit options in'Shaa'Allah. Join by clicking Hasanat Rewards button on the website!

Being part of the IMC and MAC...

Physically inspected by the Muslim Assayers Council - MAC will certify every Gold and Silver product and provide a unique Tayyib ID which is backed by a hologram QR code and a Database which can be scanned on all our products - you can instantly view your Certification Status and download a digital PDF anytime, anywhere. 

Please help us! Our Ask..

We would like to invite you to act as our official ambassador for the revival of this great sunnah, head over to our blog post here where you will find visually stunning pictures and marketing videos, compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Tik Tok, please do post these on your personal social media profiles and share them with others with the following 5% discount code: InvestHalal

We look forward to sharing our next milestones with you in the next quarter in'Shaa'Allah.

JazakAllahu Khairan for all your support.